Friday, September 05, 2008


I went for a quick one hour jaunt up over the Wall and out Hwy. 128 to US93 and back this evening. On the return trip, a rider named Will from Vitamin Cottage caught up with me so I jumped onto his wheel and chatted with him for a little while. No more than half a mile after Will turned off, my rear tire went flat--about a mile from my workplace. Figures. I was hoping that I could ride the tire soft, but it lost air quickly. When I inspected the tire for the cause, I found this:

The casing was showing through nearly-bare spots all around the tire. I guess it was about time for a new one. I threw on a blue Maxxis Detonator--the season is winding down, so a training tire seems like a good choice. Besides, it looks cool on the Giant.

On another note, fellow rider Brett was hit by a car today! Fortunately he's mostly OK, but his wheels were trashed and his helmet cracked, among other things. Knowing Brett, he's downplaying the severity of his injuries. The driver was at fault for running a stop sign--but as anyone who rides regularly knows, it doesn't matter who's right when you're on a 15lb bike vs. a 2-ton vehicle. Brett's advice:

Stop at the stop signs, and always wear your helmet.

Hope you heal up well, Brett!