Monday, June 21, 2010

Gold Belt Century

It's been forever since I've posted to this blog, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to resurrect it.

This past Sunday, I made the jaunt down to Colorado Springs along with John, Brett, and Eric for the Gold Belt Century. The ride was originally planned for the previous Sunday, but good 'ol Colorado weather led to a prudent cancellation and rescheduling of the event for this Sunday.

The organizer, Eric Althen, put together a great route. Several other riders joined us, including Rad, Peter, and Kirk (organizer of the upcoming Dirty Century) for a total of 8 riders. Dr. Steve drove the SAG vehicle, and I must say that he provided the best SAG I've experienced on any ride!

Eric's site does a great job describing the route, so I'll sum up my experience quickly: great company, beautiful scenery, 24 mile climb, hardest saddle known to mankind, awesome weather, delicious pizza, more climbing (!), car accident, 7 emergency vehicles, temporary road closure, crazy fast 11 mile descent, 40mph pinch flat on 'cross tires, weird sculptures, and a very satisfying ride overall.

In keeping with the century-a-month schtick I started in Jan. 2009, this is the 19th century in 18 months. Second one on the 'cross bike, 6th this year.


Eric Althen said...

Wow, your photo's are Great! If you don't mind I'll lift a few for the GB page... this does not look like the work of a camera phone! Great ride Sunday!

Kibo said...

Hi Eric, feel free to lift any of the photos. We just got our new phones Friday night, so this was my first chance to really use the camera. It's not quite as good as a point-n-shoot, but it sure was convenient! I look forward to seeing what you got on your Evo as well.